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The book name itself amazed me at the first sight that what does the name suggests by the title “Lean Startup”?But when I read the first chapter I got to know many new things about Startups. Most of the people think that the big companies are big because the founder might had invested huge amount of money, but that’s not true.

The Lean Start up is about the strategies of growing of big companies from scratch. Without knowing anything about the businesses how you can also grow your company and how you can reach at your highest potential.


Eric Ries, who is the author of “Lean Startup” and he is also an American Entrepreneur, Blogger. He was co-founder of Catalyst Recruiting, an online forum for university students to network with potential employers.

Quick SUMMARY of the Book

The Lean Startup is a mandatory book for all entrepreneurs. This book is based on two core principles- PIVOT OR PERSEVERE. However, this book has mentioned some major kinds of techniques that you can apply to your business. The author has used two principles, in which he said you should start something with basic and then you should either change (pivot) or persevere according to the situation.

If you are going to start a company, then you should definitely read this book. The concept is based on BUILD, MEASURE AND LEARN, that means if you are going to start a startup then “your first product will never be your final product”. You have to learn different things by taking feedbacks from people, then measure the scalability, and then learn things by yourself. This may help you a lot in taking the right decisions for you career path.

My Recommendation

If you are very passionate about Start Ups and planning for a business, then this book might be life changing for you. This book contains a lot of ideas that you can implement directly to your business and according to me it will be worth of money if you follow only some of the tips. If you want to buy it, please click the link below!



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