I would like to tell you something great about this book that it has given much more content than any other memory book have and there are many different types of techniques given in this book that you can easily apply and can gain the benefits of learning. I think it has enough techniques to make you a memory master if you do some practice and then apply in your day to day life. But honestly, I would also like to mention some demerits of this book like sometimes when you read this book, you may feel it’s boring as it happened with me. But overall its content is very nice and can help you a lot in achieving your goals. That’s why I have given it four stars out of five.


Dominic O’Brien is a British mnemonist and an author of memory-related books. He is the eight time World Memory Champion and works as a trainer for Peak Performance Training.

Quick SUMMARY of this book

This book is written by “Dominic O’Brien”, and he has given many types of different contents and techniques related to the memory. In the first chapter of this book, the author has written the difference between his memory and the memory of the others. He has done a great job in differentiating the two types of memories. In the next chapters he has given a technique called as “The Power of Association”. In this technique, he mentioned how you can memorize things easily by simply associating different kinds of words or phrases. I think it is one of the very strong technique that you can easily get understood by practicing it more frequently. The other next chapters have a technique called “Chains of Association” and “The Link method”. These are the examples of “the power of association technique” because it has given some practical examples that you can apply and get results. I will tell you what these techniques are. These techniques rely on your imagination power or learning things by a story method like if someone give you these words to learn- Bus, Table, Guitar, Ankle, Marble then the chances are you learn these techniques by rote learning and this will take much longer time, then what would you do? You can learn it by this way- Imagine that you are in a BUS sitting on a TABLE instead of chair and someone started playing GUITAR and by listening the music you get pain in your ANKLE then someone gives you a MARBLE to chew instead of medicine. So, by imagining this way you can learn things whatever you want and in a very effective way. This book has many techniques like this one.

My Recommendations

According to me, it’s a great book if you wanted to improve your memory, you can easily improve by practicing some of the methods given in the book. So if you are interested to buy this book, then please click the link below!


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