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Ever wondered how does our brain work? If you have interest in knowing the function of the brain, then this book will definitely help you because anyone can easily understand the language of the book even he or she is not from the science background. This book tells you how you can enhance the creativity, maximize brainpower, improve memory. The author has done various experiments to show the power of brain, how the brain works,

Quick SUMMARY of the book

The first chapter is about the study of different parts of the brain and how simple calculations can activate most parts of the brain. In the first section, the author has done various studies on the basis of comparisons between two the people one who plays the video games and one who does the simple mathematical calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The author thought that the maximum use of the brain must be through video games but the results was very shocking that the most parts of the brain get activated by doing simple calculations. The author has also mentioned a game called “Uchida-Kraepelin Psycho Diagnostic Test”. In this test there 116 single digits, you have to write the sum of two adjoining digits in the space between them. If the sum is over 10 then you write only the last digit. You have to continue in this way on the first row for about 60 seconds and then go on the next row. This game will take you about 35 minutes. So this is a simple game through which you can use the maximum parts of the brain. The next section mentioned that what happens to the brain when you read or listen to music.

The other sections of the book showed the training of the brain by using some techniques given in the chapter. There is one chapter in this book called as “Your Mind is your Brain“. This section is my favorite one because it tells from where does the likes and dislikes come from? It gives very interesting facts about these types of things, reading a person’s face, where are memory located, etc.

There are various exercises to help you to gain the maximum power of your mind. At the last he has given the conclusion that how you can train your brain by yourself, this section is tells you about structure, functional localisation, brain death, brain transplantation and many more..

About the author

Ryuta Kawashima has done PhD and a professor at Tohoku University, in Sendai, Japan. He is a scientist who is interested in researching about the human brain and a foremost experts on brain imaging in Japan and has spent his last fifteen years pursuing his dream of making brain health maintenance a public priority.

My Recommendation

If you are a keen lover for knowing the functions of the brain then this book is only for you that help you in achieving your goals.


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