MY RATING = 4.5/5


This book is an ultimate handbook for not only improving your memory but also you can learn various techniques on how to memorize anything. Starting with an untrained memory, my score was around 30-35, according to their calculation given in the book. But soon after I was able to score around 45 by applying some of their techniques given. Anyone who is interested in improving their memory can read this book. The author has used a very simple English that anybody can easily understand. The author has already discussed in this book that how she managed to break the world record. World Record? Yes, Aditi Singhal is a world record holder as fastest learning mind.


Aditi Singhal is an International Memory Trainer, Author, Motivational Speaker, Counselor and Vedic Maths expert. She is a Guinness World Record  holder for teaching Mathematics and 3 National Records for Memory & Fastest Calculation and awarded by The Limca Book of Records. She has also been awarded – “The Best Memory Trainer” by the India Book of Records. 

 Quick SUMMARY of the book

At the starting, the author has given some techniques to calculate the existing stage of your memory, later in this book she has told what can your trained memory do, what is a trained memory. She has given many abbreviations for techniques like AIR (Association, Imagination, Ridiculous Thinking). There are lot more things like applying chain methods, hide and seek methods, how to learn vocabulary, foreign languages, names and faces, mnemonics, spellings, etc. There is a student section in which the author has given note taking methods, mind maps, how to learn different subjects like periodic table in chemistry, mathematics, general knowledge, history dates, biology, physics, etc. Along with she has also mentioned some FAQs about the books, she has also told that how you can also make world record by applying and then practicing these techniques. In the last section, she has mentioned some tricks and tips to amaze your friends by 500years calendar with some techniques, and not only this she has also given memorizing long series of numbers, memorizing playing cards. All this can help you in every field of your life whether you are a student, teacher, housewife, or a working employee. This book will help you in every aspects of your career.


There is a sub-section called “Smart Study Skills” in student section which I liked the most because it helped me learning my subjects by memorizing things with smart study techniques, setting realistic goals and scientific revision notes during my exam time as I’m also a student so I can tell you that this section would be very helpful for all the students.


According to me, this book would be very helpful if you are interested in learning memory techniques and searching on internet for various learning methods, so my opinion is that stop surfing on the internet, just read this book and you don’t need to go anywhere for learning any techniques.


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